Travel Better Beauty Tips

Jet setting off somewhere, whether it’s to the snowy mountains or somewhere tropical and warm, our busy jam packed schedules leave about a second to none time for beauty (especially skin care routines or just general application don’t really top the priority list although they absolutely should). As I am currently travelling myself and lucky enough to be on holiday in Melbourne Australia, a rather warm climate, I’ve devised a few beauty tips that I found worked for myself and hopefully will benefit you too.


Invest in a dry shampoo
I’ve been so caught up in daily activities I’ve barely had any time to wash my luscious locks. EEEEK! And you know what that means ladies, grease and oils build up and create a mop of unkempt hair. Luckily I found the closest convenience store (7/11) that stocked Batiste dry shampoo. Not only does this spray through thick strands super easy, cleans your hair too and leaves a fresh sweet smell allowing me a couple of days extra before I have to wash my hair again. Let’s be honest we all know washing our hair can be a chore sometimes as us ladies have a million products to apply, scrub and inevitably rinse out. But by using the dry shampoo we can simply skip a step in the shower and save time! image

Swap foundation to tinted moisturiser
Seeing as the weather is rather hot, I’m outdoors most of the time and time is not my friend, foundation is melting off my face like warm butter on hot toast. Although a finishing makeup mist is handy, I simply ran out of time to apply the creamy stuff, so I swapped to an easy, quickly applicable tinted moisturiser (or BB Cream) that contained SPF and hydrated my skin. Not only did I look my more natural, but it’s a big time saver and better for my skin. image

Change your look
Heading out to new bars and parties every night, but don’t have the time to try out different eye shadows and create new looks? Don’t sweat it, just simply stick to simple makeup such as the classic winged eyeliner, mascara and foundation with a bit of blush and bronzer. All you have to do is invest in a few bold coloured statement lipsticks (such as red, plums, orange, browns) and you’re good to go. That way each night you can wear a different lipstick that will change your look quite drastically without really having to do much at all. Also bring a nude and pink lipstick with you as staples, so you can apply nude to eyelids for a more natural dewy look or use as concealer and pink can double as a blush/highlighter. Who thought lipsticks could be so versatile! image

Teeth troubles
With all the celebrations happening, downing sugar filled, teeth rotting drinks from morning coffees to alcoholic beverages, it’s no wonder my teeth started to look a little on the yellow side. And tooth brushing vigorously morning and night I’m afraid just wasn’t going to cut it. However I found chewing extra peppermint gum helped removed plaque from my teeth and swapping toothpaste for listerine saved a whole lot of time. Although I do recommend cutting back on consumption of sugary drinks, these little things seem to work to help get my teeth back to their usual pearly whites. This tip is actually one of the most important as a woman’s smile is the number one beauty essential she should wear and maintain.


Skimping on skin care
Afraid of what’ll happen to your skin after you’ve neglected you’re usual skincare routine that involved cleansing, toning and moisturising on a daily basis? Chill out for five seconds, there are a few things you can do to manage your skin such as regularly washing your hands and avoid touching your face so you don’t apply any unwanted dirt and bacteria to your face that can cause breakouts. Remember to lather on the sun screen so your skin doesn’t dry out in the daytime. However I found that long steamy baths with my favourite DIY face masks had no place in my busy schedule, as well as my healthy ‘better skin’ eating went out the window and as a result breakouts and dry skin became my problem. And seeing as I was way to busy to visit a Spa for a facial (and massage haha) I found that investing in a good night creme was my best option yet. Rose-hip oil night cream was undoubtably one of the best things I’d ever bought as I easily applied it at night time, it beautifully moisturised my skin and reduced inflammation, and took it off the next day looking fresh, hydrated and feeling rejuvenated. Of course it doesn’t replace the works of a cleanser or toner, but it does have many benefits and saves time and packing space.


Prickly pear
So I forgot to bring my shaver/razor on holiday (oh god every woman’s worst nightmare) and as a result my legs and few other unmentionable areas seem to get a little on the prickly side. If you’re someone who just doesn’t have the time to shave or can’t be bothered ( and who could blame you, it’s definitely time consuming) although waxing or lazor hair removal is a good idea, I needed a quick fix to last me for my trip. So I decided to invest in a body moisturiser and no joke, my legs felt smoother than a baby’s bottom without having to actually shave them. Also investing in deodorant will differently help. So make life simpler and smarten up your precious beauty time when you decide to travel.


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