Beat the heat

Working up a sweat just by doing the most simple of tasks? Indeed summer has arrived, longer hours of soaking up the sun although it does have it’s perks ( increase in vitamin D and a glowing tan ) however has a few disadvantages. Some including those icky sweat patches or excessive sweating, the dreaded and painful sun burn with flaky peeling skin, the issue of skin cancer, heatstroke or even just feeling tired from too much sunlight. So here’s a few ways you can try to make life better and easier for yourself for when the heat packs in this summer.

1. Hydration is key! Always have a water bottle with you everywhere you go, you can never have too much water and remember to refill. It seems silly to even enforce this but this H20 is a biggie and can easily be forgotten.image

2. Don’t forget to apply sun screen when you hit the beach and re apply every 3 to 4 hours. Don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t rub off especially if you’re swimming, so take precaution and bring a large pump of the creamy stuff. Even on your travels it can be easy to lose track of time whilst in the sun so always bring a miniature tube to make life easier. Not a fan of the white glossy stuff? Is it the smell that’s really off putting? No worries, ladies now a days you can find the best foundations or tinted moisturisers that have SPF in them, it’s sun smart and saves time. Men too, don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses. image

3. Deodorant is a must for the warmer weather, be generous with how much you spray or roll on but don’t go overboard. No one wants to smell too much deodorant more than someone’s b.o. That being said you should always carry at least a miniature with you everywhere you go as wearing some is better than none. image

4. If working out is getting harder because of the heat, try going to the gym earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Same applies for excersizing outside, this way you beat peak hoimageurs of the heat from 9 till 3pm. Try investing in some sweat bands and loose fitting clothing, preferably not cotton as this fabric tends to stick to your body more and creates a smell. Also if you’re not a fan of excersize in the heat, try home workouts to make them more enjoyable or grab a friend and go walk and talk. Who said excersize had to be boring or blood, sweat and tears! Just get creative.

5. Struggling getting to you daily commute with makeup melting off and feeling worn out. Try using a makeup finishing spray to help it last longer and use blotting papers when sweating to remove sweat whilst keeping makeup in tact. If feeling tired try making smoothies to take on the go, fruit salads or even start taking a multivitamin. If you’re a coffee drinker, try switching to ice coffee. image

6. Sick of having to wash your hair constantly? Salty sea water making it uncleanly or you simply just don’t have time anymore with all your busy plans? Simple solution try some dry shampoo. A couple sprays a day and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to wash your hair at least once a week.


Aim to stick to these useful tips and summer essentials and hopefully you’ll find life better and easier.


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