3 ways to foolproof over- indulging this festive season

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is rolling around faster than anticipated, for many about to smack bang us in the face with a big feast and that’s not the only thing that will be rolling afterwards. Yes you guessed it the dreaded belly bulge loves to make an appearance from chugging down one too many beers, going overboard with the turkey stuffing or simply indulging on too many sweet treats including grandma’s famous delicacy, fruit with custard pudding. As the festive season seems to be a time for over indulging, I’ve developed 3 tips on how to save our waistlines this silly season and come Boxing Day, we’ll slip into our bikinis or tight fitted short-shorts with confidence, no bulge and no regrets!

Tip número uno
Stay hydrated. As simplistic as this rule is, it’s guaranteed effective. Before you go to an event, drink a glass of water as it’s calorie free and creates a sense of fullness which means were less likely to overeat at our big feast. Every time you feel tempted by a sweet treat and can’t control your overwhelming emotions as it looks oh so irresistibly delicious, reach for a glass of water and take a sip. Sip away the kilos I say. For every time you think of eating, take a sip. Remember this tip will only stick if you turn down the booze offerings and soda beverages as they can clock up some serious calories in no time and stay committed to your glass of fresh, healthy and pure water.

Tip number 2
Take a different approach and gain a new perspective. Don’t tell yourself that everything delicious is off limits as not even a Victoria secret model has the willpower to turn down every single delectable offering. Instead allow yourself to have things in moderation. Want a slice of mum’s creamy lemon meringue pie? Share it with a friend and slice it in half, go ahead and slash those calories! Also consider putting the cream on the side and just eating the cake. Eat as if you’re a food critic and have to taste and assess every little bite of your food (of course do it mentally) this way we take our time and if we don’t like it or feel full, simply put it down and try something else. Of course you can make things easier for yourself by pairing one treat with something healthier for example instead of 3 scoops of ice cream with toppings, try one scoop with fruit on top. Simply swap and save!

Tip number 3
The final tip is to counter act what we’re ingesting with how much we move. Excersize is simple yet again and very effective as we are able to compensate for the few cheeky overindulgences. The aim is to burn more than what we eat. Although you should watch just how many calories you consume try to move whenever possible, especially before eating to help take your mind off food. Try getting the relatives to play a game of cricket in the backyard or some tag team football if you’re at the beach, soccer at the park anyone? If not there are plenty of home workouts you can do that torch fat relatively fast including HIIT and tabata training, even using weights is strongly recommended to increase metabolism to burn the fat faster. If you have a few to many glasses of red or slices of cake, just remember it’s okay and accept that sometimes we are allowed to enjoy ourselves. Just make sure you don’t beat yourself and turn your focus towards getting back on track to clean healthy eating and working out the next day. This day only comes around once a year, you’ve still got 364 days to make up for it so know your limits, but more importantly enjoy yourself this silly season. Stick to these 3 tips and you’re bound to keep the kilos down and beat the sluggish bloat.


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